Format: HD
Duration: 52 ’
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Available version: English
Rights: All Rights / South East Asia


In April 2014, Paris Zoo will open its doors to the public after two years of huge restoration works in order to invent a new kind of zoo.

With the complicity of a veterinary and an animal or a group of animals, each episode of the series will tell the story of the arrival of an animal at the zoo or a particular event that marked its reopening (birth, combination of different species for instance) including all the stages and issues that characterize them. A priority will be given to the animal’s perspective.

We’ll be close to the animal, sharing its moments of stress and well-being. The veterinary and caregiver taking care of the animal will have to decipher and explain its behaviour. Each episode will focus on a central story with an emblematic animal but the other species will also be present in our series through sub-plots.