Places of conviviality and exchange

On each continent, farmers, fishermen, or breeders congregate in local markets to sell their goods.

On one side there are the sellers and on the other the buyers, and when all these people meet, the market becomes a privileged place of meetings and exchanges, in all seasons. They come to chat, make new acquaintances, and some even find love.

We discover the daily life of these women and men who animate the markets and evolve in universes that cross generations and borders.


Warm, welcoming and nonchalant

Andalucia is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of Africa and Europe.

Located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Andalusia has experienced Roman, Visigoth and Arab civilizations.

Landscapes, culture, handicrafts and an exceptional heritage make this region an unique destination.


At the foot of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn

Bordering France and Switzerland, Valle d'Aosta is a wide alpine valley bordered by 4 peaks towering over 4,000 meters and dotted with charming mountain villages, castles, and an elegant capital.

With its sublime and protected natural landscapes, a surprisingly rich heritage, not to mention the tasty local gastronomy based on cheese, cold cuts, mountain game, and high-altitude wines, how not to fall under the spell of this little piece of Italy, where French and Italian are the two official languages.


The incredible heel of the boot

The Apulia region is the heel of the Italian "boot". It is famous for its singular whitewashed villages, cave dwellings, trullis with conical roofs, and magnificent old farms not to mention its coastlines graced with fortifications, churches, and cathedrals.

Bathed by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, the shore is a succession of coves and beaches of fine sand whose waters are surprisingly transparent.

Religious processions, carnivals, and festivals punctuate the year with lively popular gatherings.


Unique marine exhibits

When it comes to aquariums, Japan holds 2 world records.

In Nagasaki, you can observe no less than 9 species of penguins while in Yamagata 50 species of Jellyfish are there to dazzle you.


Glaciers and volcanic peaks

The Auvergne is a little-known jewel in the heart of France, a natural and welcoming region with glaciers and volcanic peaks to explore.

It gives off a feeling of immensity and offers spectacular landscapes, unspoiled rural life and traditional gastronomy. Between trough valleys, basaltic high plateaus, historical cities made of volcanic stone, the Auvergne is changing and plays continuously with light and water: mineral waters, thermal springs, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, peat bogs, streams and rivers.

The Auvergne covers multiple identities characterized by an exceptional environmental protection and strong traditions.


The story of the "Bay of All Saints"

In 1500, in the region of Salvador in Brazil, the first Portuguese settlers landed and built their first colonial city: Salvador de Bahia, known as "the Bay of All Saints".

The indigenous tribes were decimated and replaced by African slaves working mainly in mills.

Today, Salvador's African heritage can still be felt in the culture, the music and the arts while its inhabitants strive to perpetuate the memory of their ancestors.


Following the Chao Phraya

The Chao Phraya river has shaped the history, topography and mores of Bangkok. By following it, we discover the tale and soul of this city born from the waters.

This film tells the genesis and secrets of the Thai capital through the religious and civil monuments built on the banks; the Mont d'Or, which served as a mass grave during the great epidemics; or its districts such as Chinatown or Little India.

This is a journey, with unexpected twists, along a river meandering in the heart of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.


A historic European crossroads

Bavaria is a historic European crossroads as well as the largest state in Germany.

Over time, nature has kept a prominent place in the local life, whose identity and traditions have seen a revival.

From the peaks of the Alps to legendary lakes, this film takes us through Upper Bavaria where castles, churches and monasteries celebrate the culmination of baroque art.


The land of the Bushmen

Nestled in the heart of austral Africa, Botswana is mostly known for its wildlife and the Okavango delta.

But it harbors many others natural wonders: millenary baobabs growing in the middle of dried salt lakes, deserts, mysterious rivers running along tectonic plates, sumptuous crags emblazoned with rock paintings….

This film also uncovers another asset of this fascinating country: its people whose diversity and peaceful lifestyle is second to none in Africa, the most famous of them being the Bushmen.


Wild and mysterious

Wild and mysterious, Brittany is a seductive region. Its sheltered ports, tiny islands, wind-swept land and famous standing stones exert an undeniable fascination. These diverse landscapes evoke sometimes the warmth of the tropics and other times the harshness of the ocean.

Still as strong as ever, the Celtic identity is celebrated during colourful festivals.

Brittany can be better discovered meandering its spectacular shores, from the Gulf of Morbihan to the Granite coast, while meeting the locals.


European elegance tinged with South American passion

Buenos Aires evokes tango, football and exceptional meat but there is more to it than these attractions. Indeed, the beauty and diversity of its architecture reflect the various influences that made Argentina.

From one neighborhood to the next, Buenos Aires offers a wealth of experiences making it one of the most desirable city in the world.


For the lovers of beauty and taste

Beyond the cliché of Burgundy confined to the wine route, this film unveils a vast countryside set in the middle of France, rich in History, medieval villages, ducal vineyards and castles.

Along the Yonne river, one can admire the hills of the Auxerrois, the Morvan mountain range, abbeys and historic houses and sit at the tables of famous chefs to experience the reputation of the region great wines - classified Unesco World Heritage.


The toe of the boot

Long overlooked, Calabria has become a choice destination for those who love Italy, sunshine and authenticity.

It offers the visitor unspoiled forests, pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes and quaint villlages. There, the culture and the terroir are very much alive.

Steeped in Aragonese, Greek and Norman influences, Calabria is the quintessence of Italy and its lifestyle.


Supremely authentic

With its legendary temples and heavenly beaches, Cambodia has many treasures to offer.

This land steeped in ritual and belief has managed to modernize itself, as evidenced by its capital, Phnom Penh, and its Art Deco architecture.

Far from the frenzy of the cities, some inhabitants have managed to preserve their natural and artistic heritage.


The Mother City of South Africa

Nestled in a stunning bay overlooked by the world famous Table Mountain, Cape Town is known as the Mother City in South Africa.

This metropolis of 4 million people has been blessed with tremendous development after the end of apartheid and stands now as the most remarkable city in Africa.

At once cosmopolitan and tolerant, dynamic and creative, it is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.


Wild and authentic

The Cape Verde archipelago is located off the coast of Senegal, in northwest Africa.

Composed of the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão, Boa Vista, Sal, and Santiago, Cape Verde offers disparate landscapes ranging from golden to black sand beaches.

The richness of its culture revolves around its music, embodied, among others, by the eternal Cesária Evora, nicknamed "the barefoot diva".


The beauty of the Middle Empire

A duo of hosts, Xu Li from China, and Jérémy from France, travel across China immersing themselves into the artistic, cultural and culinary history of the regions encountered, as well as uncovering innovative technologies.

This is a way to apprehend the country as it opens up, all the while maintaining its ancestral culture and traditions.


The country of jungles, volcanoes and surf

Straddling the Equator in Central Africa, the Republic of Congo offers a preserved jungle home to gorillas and elephants, national parks with chimpanzees and a unique biodiversity.

Along the majestuous Congo river that crosses the country, one discovers lively villages and cities where music and dances are everywhere, making Congo the well kept secret of Africa.


An authentic and preserved territory

The 4th biggest island of the Mediterranean, Corsica is rich in history and traditions and cherishes its insular lifestyle.

With a breathtaking coastline, sharp mountains, deep Mediterranean bush, preserved cities and villages, not to forget a rich gastronomy, Corsica is the true gem of Southern Europe.


A true Eden with an effervescent biodiversity

Nicknamed "the Switzerland of Central America", Costa Rica has far more to offer the visitor than peace and prosperity.

This thin strip of land wedged between two oceans has an effervescent biodiversity. It is a true Eden ready to overwhelm all your senses. To protect this luxuriant and colourful tropical jungle, the country has set up 30 national parks, one more stunning than the other.

Costa Ricans are warm and welcoming and, above all, delighted to share their country’s treasures.


The largest island in Greece

Cradle of one of the oldest civilizations and a crossroads of the Mediterranean, Crete has been influenced by many diverse cultures throughout its history, from Venetian to Ottoman and, more recently, European. The result is an identity that is reflected in a distinct architectural, culinary, and musical heritage.

But the essence of Crete is also to be found in the way of life of its inhabitants and in its exceptional natural products, from aromatic herbs to olive oil, which form the basis of the famous Cretan diet, a source of health and longevity.


A surf trip to the island of Kyushu

Maoh Toda, a professional surfer from Miyazaki, takes a surfing trip through the island of Kyushu which is known for its many surfing locales.

Starting from his base at Nobeoka, he travels to Oita, Fukuoka and Kagoshima to secret spots known only to local surfers, while introducing the delicious cuisine of each region.


Land of adventure and discovery

Huge expanses of sand under a cloudless sky. Rarely has a country aroused so many dreams of adventure and discovery.

Traveling along the banks of the Nile, in Egypt, is the best way to discover the treasures left by the different dynasties of Pharaohs.

But Egypt is also the stunning pyramids of Giza and Alexandria, the narrow streets of Cairo, the Red Sea, and men and women proud of their cultural heritage that they love to share.


A journey off the beaten track

Between Asia and the West, Russia is the largest country in the world, quite impressive with its stunning landscapes and rich heritage.

From Moscow to Saint Petersburg, this film is a journey off the beaten track to discover the eternal Russia and the Arctic Circle.

FLAVORS [90x52’]

Sublime escapes

Discover the magic and beauty of some of the world's most enchanting destinations, their natural wonders, outstanding monuments, their crafts, and breathtaking landscapes.

This series is an invitation to travel to the heart of the traditions and peculiarities of the world's most celebrated countries.


The wonders of a continent

Discover the richness, magic and beauty of some of Africa's most sought after destinations: their natural wonders and outstanding landmarks, their handicrafts and breathtaking landscapes.

FLAVORS is a memorable journey into the traditions and history of countries everyone is dreaming of visiting.


The quaint charm of an old trendy destination

Stretching from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees form a mountain range that delineates the natural border between France and Spain. Several languagues are spoken along that chain, from Basque to Occitan and Catalan and the numerous towns reflect this cultural diversity.

In the 19th century, these mountains became a trendy destination thanks to numerous thermal and spa resorts that developped spectacular architectures. Nowadays, their quaint charm is still there while they opened up to all kinds of alpine activities.

From the beaches of the Basque country to the deep valleys and on to French Catalonia, our journey leads us to places imbued with history and to villages nestled in the middle of a wild nature with their vivid traditions and lifestyles.


A country of outstanding historical and natural wealth

Ethiopia has been the theater of many conflicts and calamities which have left a lasting stigma and explain why it has been barely visited. Yet, this great country has a wealth of historical and natural treasures to offer the curious minded.

This film visits also the high plateaus to the north with their astonishingly rich cultural, ethnic and spiritual treasures.

Ethiopia, one of the world’s oldest states previously known as Abyssinia, has been isolated for a long time but now deserves our utmost attention.


The great metropoles

What do the names of West African cities such as Dakar, Yaoundé, Cotonou, Bamako, or Abidjan suggest?

This series offers an immersion in these big cities that just want to be seen in a different light by focusing on their assets. Combining tradition and modernity, it presents an urban and booming Africa.


Between the surf and the volcanoes

The Hawaian archipelago brings together all the ingredients that have built the myth of heavenly islands lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

This film goes beyond the clichés in search of authentic and preserved places in Maui, Kauai or Big island, where traditions and legends are still alive.

The real Hawaii reveals itself through colorful encounters with locals, against a backdrop of a powerful and volcanic nature and soothed by the Hulas songs and dances.


A millenary culture

Modern history has kept Iran and its rich and unique heritage to itself, but the country is finally opening up to the world.

Tehran with its 18 million inhabitants is a modern city which happens to be close to many popular winter sports resorts. Going North, the Caspian region is the breadbasket of the country where tea and rice fields alternate. Not to be missed are the cities of Isfahan, with its finely crafted mosques, or Yazd, known as "Desert Town", considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Even more famous is the archaeological site of Persepolis, unrivalled by the importance and quality of its ruins.


A patchwork of endless greens

Ireland's peaceful, sometimes stark, landscapes form a patchwork of endless greens underlined by the shores of a sea that is never far away.

A Celtic land with an ancient history and its own language, Gaelic, it is home to thousands of archaeological sites of standing stones, tombs, and mysterious alignments.

From Dublin to Belfast, from Galway to Killarney, from the Giant's Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher, we travel the island to meet a people attached to its roots and history.


A mysterious and unknown region

Isaan is the most mysterious, unknown region of Thailand and yet the largest.

Rich of its singular past, this agricultural region is bordered by the Mekong River which separates it from Laos, with which it shares a history, a culture and a language.

Away from the touristy beaches and the hectic metropolises, Isaan offers the face of an authentic Thailand with its temples, natural sites, gastronomy and a lifestyle of its own.


A beguiling atmosphere

In northern Italy, the foothills of the Alps are home to some magnificent lakes. Close to Milan, Lake Maggiore and the mythical Lake Como are fascinating in their beauty and majesty, while near Verona, Lakes Garda and Iseo exude a beguiling atmosphere.

Each of them has a unique history and living traditions.

From Piedmont to Veneto, this film is an escape to the gentle way of life of the Italian lakes and the promise of unforgettable romantic walks.


A patchwork of ethnic groups and traditions

Ivory Coast is one of the most important states in West Africa, sharing borders with 5 countries including Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso.

From its astonishing maritime front made of lagoons to the more arid regions of the north, its ideal situation as a crossroads has blended its population and ways of lives.

Ivory Coast is a country where languages are as numerous as ethnic groups, where kings are much more than curiosities and where celebrations and dances unveil a vibrant and colorful culture.


The world's most populous island

With 140 million inhabitants, Java is the most populated island in the world.

Life there is hanging on the whims of its 40 volcanoes, but the people there are nonetheless full of joy and always welcoming.

Symbol of the Indonesian diversity, more than a dozen dialects are spoken in Java and its traditions are vibrant and complex.


The ultimate outdoors

The Jura mountains act as a natural border between France and Switzerland.

Over the course of the four seasons, they offer an array of wilderness, lifestyles, traditions, and skills that define an unexpected and limitless territory.

This film travels through these valleys, plateaus, forests, and lakes for a full year, focusing on the heritage and the people who live there.


The white and green country

Northeastern Anatolia and the Kaçkar mountains are probably Turkey's best-kept secret.

Few visitors venture into this magnificent region close to Georgia where dizzying gorges, endless steppes, imposing mountains and highland pastures make up incredible landscapes.

In this film, we discover villages buried under the snow in winter and lush forests in summer.


The Masters' island

Traveling in contemporary Japan means constantly bouncing between modernity and tradition.

Kyushu, the westernmost island of the archipelago, is a volcanic land where all the inhabitants - artisans, fishermen, farmers or artists - associate a spiritual quest to their daily activities which they wish to protect, preserve and bequeath.

Often consider "Masters" in their fields, we meet Muriyama Tarao, an expert in indigo dyeing, the Soekyu family and its exquisite ceramics, or Hiro Kumamoto a squid fisherman. They become our guides to an ancestral Japan.


Exploring with wide open eyes

Today, exploring the world doesn’t have the same meaning as in the past. Indeed, very few corners of the planet remain unknown, although it would be wise for them to stay so.

With infinite passion and curiosity, the directors of these films brought back from their travels the discovery of small villages whose beauty had gone unnoticed, touching encounters and fascinating stories.

These modern explorations are done with wide-open eyes on foot, by train, or by boat.


An invitation to dream and get away

Liguria, known worldwide as the Italian Riviera, extends over 300 kilometres along the Mediterranean.

Genoa. Portofino. The Five Lands. These mythical names are an invitation to this northern region which has always been at the heart of the country's history from the Romans to the dolce vita of the 1960's.

The magic of the Italian Riviera comes from a rich heritage and ancestral know-how packaged in an exceptional natural setting while enjoying a year-round idyllic climate.


Lush nature, majestic river, stunning castles

In the heart of France, the Loire valley is a rare and precious piece of land listed as a World Heritage Site.

Over a condensed 250 kilometres are incredible places and exceptional people.

With its lush nature, majestic river, numerous castles steeped in history and an authentic terroir, the Loire valley is a must-see destination for lovers of France and its culture.


Between the wild bayous and the majestic Mississipi

Louisiane is a state of the first Native American tribes, the rich European planters, the African slaves and the deported French Acadians.

Its landmarks and history make for a thrilling journey between the wild bayous and the majestic Mississippi.

Louisiana is America enlivened with jazz music and an old French accent, where the carnival and cajun cuisine are can’t miss elements of life.


Capital romancing

Our cities are made of stones, shaped by wars, emperors, or presidents, and designed for business, politics, or faith. But there might be another way to tell the story of our streets, buildings, and monuments.

Nowadays, lovers travel the world to share their love and thus create a new romantic topography of cities.

Our journeys show how love shapes the environment and what lovers need to know to prepare for the perfect romantic holiday in Paris, Mexico City, Rio, and New York.


East meets west

Discover in the most scenic way a unique place in Asia.

Macau might be tiny, but it has an incredibly rich cultural history which stretches from old European colonial heritage to Chinese modernity.

Displaying quaint Portuguese architecture, glittering casinos, and a futurist skyline, this one-of-a-kind destination, where east meets west, is revealed from a bird’s eye perspective.


The beauty behind the glamour

With the beaches of Saint Tropez, the Cannes Film Festival or the Monte Carlo casino, the French Riviera exudes luxury, glamour and dolce vita.

But this maritime part of Provence is also very authentic with surprising places teeming with creative people, craftsmen of extraordinary talent, well preserved natural wonders and deeply rooted traditions.

Also known as the "Côte d’Azur", the French Riviera is quite different from its Italian and Spanish counterparts, offering a wide range of pleasures and sensations ranging from plain to the exquisite.


The State where the American dream began

Maine is where the American dream began. With 5,600 km of coastline, this is America’s first state to see the sun rise every morning.

Maine embraces all that is authentic, unique and simple and takes pride in enjoying the wide-open spaces woods while towns and villages highlight their history.

This region won’t leave you indifferent whether because of its landscapes or thanks to its amazing lobster recipes.


A mesmerizing world of colours

Resting between Asia and Africa, Mauritius is, first and foremost, known for its stunning landscapes, but the island is also the result of a tumultuous history and a long colonial past. Its communities, diverse and multicultural, make its cultural richness and forge its identity.

Beyond the blinding white sand beaches and the pristine lagoons, this film is about a mesmerizing world of colours and guarded locations where one can really understand Mauritius’ identity.


The country of contrasts

Morocco is a multi-facetted country: grandiose mountains, vast deserts, sumptuous palaces, majestic sand dunes, souks with whiffs of spices, ancient cities that bear witness to a glorious past.

But Morocco also offers a prolific culture and a craft industry still proud of its traditions.

From medina to kasbah, the country appeals to all the senses.


The Land of Water with Green Stones

Located at the edge of the world, New Zealand is probably the last land to have been colonized by men.

The South Island, known to the Maoris for nearly 1,000 years as Te Waipounamu, "The Land of Water with Green Stones", is home to deposits of jade, a gem that has shaped the Maori culture.

Wilder than its northern sister, the island is home to the most beautiful landscapes of New Zealand with a large mountain range, the Mount Cook, ice fields and majestic fjords.


The cradle of Maori culture

The North Island of New Zealand is a mosaic of exceptional landscapes, dotted with geysers, steaming valleys and volcanic cones of almost perfect shape.

This endearing and original land never ceases to charm and surprise thanks to its wild nature, welcoming inhabitants and breathtaking sceneries.


Authenticity and natural beauties

Facing Britain across the Channel, Normandy boasts a wealth of images like nowhere else: thatched houses, basilicas, modernist Le Havre, the quietness of the countryside, the fury of the allied D-Day landings, famous cheeses, the cider apples, never ending sand beaches and posh sea resorts.

Normandy is the land of horses and the territory of dairy cows, with a rich history and enduring traditions.

This film is a journey of countless discoveries.


Ice, snow and Aurora Borealis

Norway is streching North, well beyond the arctic circle. The country harbors many treasures cast in ice and snow and a boat journey is the best way to discover them.

From the historic cities of Bergen and Tromsö up to the natural wonders of the Lofoten islands, a winter visit to Norway will reveal many surprises.

And, of course, the pinacle of this northen quest will be the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis.


Connecting with the ocean and nature

Pro surfer Hayato Maki is constantly searching for ways to connect with the sea and nature like going spear fishing or camping.

In this series, we share some of his adventures in the beautiful natural environment of Okinawa.


Beyond the oil wealth

The Sultanate of Oman is modern and rich thanks to its oil wealth but has heartedly kept intact many of its ancestral customs. Moreover, this secretive country offers a wide choice of landscapes from deserts to lagoons, from pristine beaches to beautifully irrigated mountains. Even if part of the Arabic peninsula, Oman is far from the cliché of desertic emptiness.

The richness of its traditions combined with the exuberant diversity of its nature and its maritime dimension have made Oman one of the best kept secrets of the Middle East.


Untamed and eclectic

On the west coast of the United States, located between the states of Washington and California, Oregon is a magnet for entrepreneurs and dreamers.

With its coastline, mountains, valleys, high deserts, towns and villages, the State offers a smorgasbord of what makes North America so attractive. Wilderness and clean air are an invitation to enjoy the great outdoors while cities like Portland offer history and modernity.

Untamed and eclectic, Oregon has many features just waiting to be discovered.


Beyond the Canal

Panama, a country slightly larger than Switzerland, deserves to be known for more than just its canal, as impressive as it may be.

In a world where natural wilderness is increasingly rare and indigenous people are gradually disappearing, this wonderfully preserved country is well worth a visit.

Its luxuriant nature, the great cultural diversity of its tribal people and its stunning historical locations are all part of a journey of discovery blessed by the trade winds of the Pacific and the Caribbean. Not to mention the special atmosphere around its volcano.


Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are some of the lesser known islands lying on a stretch starting from the south of the Caribbean Arc to the South American sub-continent. These little pearls are strung together on a chain known as "the Windward Islands".

Their populations are of Amerindian origin but became mixed because of European colonisation and the influx of African slaves. Today, they have mastered an easy going lifestyle.

Thanks to their authenticity and invigorating beauty, these fragments of the former British Empire are very remote from the standard image we often carry of the Caribbean.


An untamed and timeless land

Patagonia is a region located on the South American continent, shared by Argentina and Chile.

With a variety of unique and wild landscapes, this region, known worldwide for its large icefields, is a real treat for the eyes.

An untamed and timeless land, Patagonia is all about discoveries and experiences, and promises everlasting memories.


The pearls of the Pacific Ocean

Polynesia, a word that resounds like a beguiling and mysterious invitation.

Since the first explorers, these small islands scattered over the Pacific Ocean have fascinated thanks to their beauty and have been likened to paradise on earth. But behind the clichés found on advertising leaflets lie a world, a people, stories, a culture, characters, whiffs and flavors that belong to a more authentic lifestyle.

This film is an exceptional journey through the Society Islands and the Tuamotu archipelago.


A land of emotion

From the swamps of the Camargue to the lavender fields of the Luberon and the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, this film explores the most spectacular places of a region rich in tradition.

With its crystal-clear waters and perched villages, Provence is a land of adventure magnified by the diversity of its ecosystem and heritage.


The craddle of the Sikh religion

In Persian, Punjab means “the land of the five rivers”. This state, located on the northwest of India, is the breadbasket of the country and one of its richest.

Although less known, and therefore less visited, than neighbouring Rajasthan, Punjab has a wealthy cultural heritage resulting from the successive invasions of Persians, Greeks and British.

This land of the Maharajas is also the birthplace of the Sikh religion and its holy shrine, the Golden Temple. This magnificent building, entirely covered with gold, is located in the heart of the city of Amritsar.


A condensed version of the African continent

Today finally at peace and willing to turn the page on the horrors of the past, Rwanda, also known as “the Country of the Thousand Hills", offers a condensed version of the African continent. There is the usual wildlife with zebras, elephants, giraffes… roaming around the savannah but also a mountainous rainforest sheltering gorillas and chimpanzees in the middle of a luxuriant and breathtaking flora.

Beyond its exceptional nature, Rwanda has also a rich cultural heritage as shown in folk dancing, colorful craftsmanship or vibrant local markets.


A European face with a Slavic soul

In Eastern Europe, the majestic St Petersburg lies on the Gulf of Finland.

Crossed by canals and rivers, it is an archipelago with many architectural, historical, and cultural treasures.


Between authenticity and glamour

Savoy, one of the most beautiful region of France, could be summarized as follows : impressive mountains, outstanding architecture, thrilling winter activities, talented artisans and unique gastronomy.

In the heart of the French Alps, thanks to the ski craze, some villages have become synonymous with ultra high end luxury. Today names such as Courchevel or Val d’Isère are more famous than Savoy. Yet the valleys of this exceptional region have much more to offer than glitz. This film takes you to a snowy discovery of multifaceted Savoy, trapped between authenticity and glamour.


The country of self-depreciation and facetiousness

At the western end of the African continent, Senegal offers a true mosaic of landscapes and people.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, it is arid in the north and tropical in the south. Populated by the Wolofs, Peul pastors, Diolas, Serer and many others ethnic groups, this country is best explored through the rivers that crisscross its territory, shape its landscapes and bring life to the villages that border them.

Senegal has leveraged its diversity into an asset to offer the visitor a multitude of facets as varied as its regions, panoramas and traditions.


Pandas, Buddhism and pepper

Crossed by the Yangtze river, Sichuan is known as the land of the iconic pandas dawdling in its endless forests of bamboos.

This mountainous region located in Southwest China is also the center of a rich and sophisticated culture. Led by the much celebrated Chengdu, its millenary cities were the craddle of the greatest poets and various Buddhist traditions.

Between its Unesco World Heritage sites and the subtle flavors of its cusine dominated by its legendary pepper, Sichuan is indeed the land of plenty.


Back to the roots

The country was one of the poorest in the world at the end of the tragic war of 1953, yet South Korea has enjoyed an incredible expansion since then and now ranks as one of the major economic powers. Urban design is a striking illustration of this dynamism.

Yet, behind modern Seoul lies another Korea, one which was once known as "the Land of the Calm Morning", where Buddhist temples awake to the light of lanterns and where tea plantations and rice fields ooze serenity.

Welcome to a lesser known Korea full of natural wonders and heir to a millennium old civilization.


Land of adventures

From the shores of the Red Sea to Central Africa, Sudan boasts an eventful, interesting and little-known history.

Multiple faces, cultures and landscapes are spread out along the Nile, a nourishing axis that crosses the entire country and is its biggest natural wealth generator. Recovering after years of civil war, the country is awakening and reveals to visitors its treasures buried in the sands of Nubia, a northern region long in the shadow of Egypt.

The thousand-year-old history of this Afro-Arab country, its incomparable cultural richness, the infinite kindness of its inhabitants and their legendary hospitality promise a journey full of beautiful discoveries.


The country where nature is king

Even though Switzerland has, first and foremost, this image of a neutral and well-ordered country, it is not lacking in jaggedness like its alpine mountains, quite appreciated by skiers, or a national culture which encompasses no less than 3 influences: German, Italian and French.

Switzerland has also an unsuspected heritage: many legends, a medieval past during which the alchemy and the construction of prestigious abbeys flourished, several intellectuals who marked the Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment and, by the same token, the whole of Europe.


Whiffs of spices, deserted beaches, palaces and mosques

For many, Tanzania is generally limited to superb wildlife parks. However, its coastline is full of enchanting unknown places.

To discover this more maritime Tanzania, one has to fly over the widespread capital of Dar Es Salam and head north towards the Zanzibar archipelago where some magnificent islands can be found. Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba carry evocative names marked by an heritage of sailors who came from Oman.

Spices, deserted beaches, palaces, mosques of the 13th century, lush nature; this film offers an unexpected journey.


A journey in the "land of smiles"

This film takes us on a journey that crosses the country over 2,000 kilometers, from the Golden Triangle in the North to the Malaysian border in the South.

A journey punctuated by exuberant nature, immense lakes, authentic cities, and preserved arts, all brightened up by the always-on smiles of the inhabitants.


Sumptuous landscapes, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters

If paradise exists somewhere on our planet, it may well be in southwest Thailand with dream islands, white sandy beaches that glisten in the sun, and crystal-clear waters.

The Andaman Gulf is home to magnificent archipelagos, stunningly beautiful landscapes, and unspoiled nature in the heart of a welcoming tropical region.


Glamour and authenticity

The Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and the second-highest peak in Europe. But there is more to this summit, like the villages of Chamonix and Mégève or the gorges of Arly.

Once a mountaineering mecca, Chamonix has been transformed over the years into a hype destination. Authenticity and traditional know-how can be seen everywhere in the neighboring valleys, such as in Aravis where the famous Reblochon cheese is still being made with passion.

Following seldom travelled paths, this film presents stunning landscapes, magnificent chalets and historical places which made the well-deserved reputation of the French Alps.


Maritime lands

West of Europe, the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores comprises 9 volcanic islands lying in the Atlantic Ocean. The best way to explore them is to sail peacefully between these maritime lands and meet its inhabitants.

To discover the Azores is to travel along hydrangea-lined roads, visit quaint villages and climb dormant volcanoes.

These islands are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of a constantly changing world.


The gentleness of eternal spring

The Canary archipelago is a popular tourist destination. However, despite the crowd, these islands, brutally shaped by Mother Nature, have managed to preserve breathtaking landscapes.

The Canary Islands lay on maritime routes opened by Christopher Columbus and are defined by their close cultural ties with South America and their proximity to the North African coast.

Despite its notoriety, this Spanish land remains a well-kept secret while each island offers its share of surprises, with art blending with natural and untamed settings or charming traditional villages overlooking spectacular deserted beaches.


Away from the beaches, into the heart of a changing country

The beaches of the Dominican Republic attract millions of vacationers. Those who are willing to stray will discover a multifaceted country and a very welcoming mixed-race people; a country that reveals itself through encounters, in its historic cities, at the gates of the desert or in the heart of a rapidly changing capital.

But no matter what you do, wherever you go, you will always be accompanied by festive music, called here bachata or merengue.

The ultimate no stress destination, the Dominican Republic unveils its most beautiful treasures.


Where Nature reigns beautifully supreme

The Seychelles are like a collection of postcards. This Garden of Eden, spread over dozens of islands, is the quintessence of a gentle way of life, harmony, and beauty.

Here, Nature reigns supreme. With its sumptuous underwater ecosystems, bird sanctuaries, and renowned nature reserves, the Seychelles is a model of environmental preservation.

Beyond the turquoise lagoons and the glaring light of the Indian Ocean, is a people eager to share their rich and colorful Creole heritage.


A Buddhist paradise

Built in 1236, the Tofukuji temple is the largest Zen temple of Japan with 19 statues of Buddha, the Sanmon Gate designated as National Treasure, 3 wooden bridges and nearly 2,000 maples trees.

The combination of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage makes it a Buddhist paradise through the magical changing of the seasons.


A land of volcanoes, forests and a rugged coastline

The Tohoku peninsula is located at the Northern end of Honshu, Japan main island.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, it is a land of volcanoes, forests and a rugged coastline where Nature reigns supreme. Local traditions reflect its rough winters and showcase a lifestyle emblematic of the Japanese civilization.

Teiji, a mountain guide, eases us into a natural and authentic Japan.


See the Pacific in style

The Sunflower Furano is a brand new Japanese ferry.

The engine hybrid propulsion system enables high-speed and eco-friendly cruising while the ship itself offers vast open-ceiling promenade deck with great ocean view, wide varieties of private passenger rooms, wheelchair-accessible facilities and travel-with-your-pet rooms.


Watching the landscape go by

Travelling by local trains does not only bring you to a destination but the ride itself is a treat where you leisurely enjoy watching the landscape go by from the train window.

THE TRAVELLING NIPPON series take us on a journey to various parts of Japan full of local flavor.


The little known jewel of South America

With its 500kms of beaches, its luxuriant countryside and its historical treasures, Uruguay is the little known jewel of South America.

This small country offers a digest of European culture as seen in the architecture of its capital, Montevideo, while paying tribute to its African heritage through the longest carnival in the world.

Both European and Latino, rustic and glamourous with its sophisticated beach resorts, Uruguay beguiles the visitor with its emphasis on simplicity, sobriety and, above all, its worship of the good life.


A whiff of sacred

The Indians consider Uttarakhand as the land of the Gods where myths were born amidst the giant mountains. This region where the Ganges springs, offers moving encounters and magnificent landscapes.

The river outlines pilgrimage routes that are among the most revered on the Indian continent.

In a region covered with mountains and forests, nature seems to have preserved something of the ancient tales; an atmosphere of the sacred is even perceptible by the least religious visitor.


The city of superlatives

It is impossible to evoke Venice without picturing its extraordinary palaces, canals, colorful villages or magnificent islands.

The city is like a dream set on the lagoon that has kept its charm and authenticity despite the throng of visitors.

Venice is the city of superlatives.


The cradle of Taoism, traditional medicine and martial arts

In the very heart of eternal China, the sacred mountains of Wudang conceal many untold secrets. Between misty valleys and lofty peaks this is a land where time seems suspended and where nature and the arts dwell in harmony.

These majestic landscapes gave rise to some of the greatest treasures in Chinese civilization. They have been the cradle of Taoism, traditional medicine and martial arts.

A CRAZY DAY IN... [16x52’]

A vivid and eventful visit

An extraordinary and spectacular experience seen through the eyes of our host and his various guides, this series is a collection of madcap city guides.

In every episode, we find ourselves in places gripped by delightful insanity. The most humdrum tourist activities - visiting a museum, admiring a monument, wandering around a picturesque old quarter, tasting local delicacies - become a one-off festive adventure.


Asia heritage residences

This architecture series highlights the magnificent residential heritage houses of Asia like the black-and-white houses of colonial Singapore, the joglos in Indonesia, the plantation bungalows in Malaysia, and the country manors in Sri Lanka.

Architects, historians, and conservationists let us in on the building secrets of these houses, while residents share personal life stories within these walls.


Cast off to the South Pacific

This original series goes to the 5 archipelagos of Polynesia, some of these islands being so isolated that their only link with the outside world are schooners, whether traditional craft or vessels at the cutting edge of technology.

Cast off to this part of the South Pacific to find emerald green atolls, paradisiacal lagoons, and impenetrable jungles.


Hidden treasures of Eastern Europe

Infinite horizons. Miracles of nature. Historical cathedrals. Mythological temples. Sacred mountains. Prehistoric mysteries. Art, faith and devotion. Thousand-year-old traditions. These are just few descriptions of Armenia.

This country is located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and shares borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

To visit this small kingdom of wonders is to discover one of Europe’s most fascinating enclaves.


Beyond the beaches

At the end of February, Bali dresses itself in its loveliest attire and resurrects its most ancient traditions to duly celebrate the entry into the New Year. It is a fascinating time to visit the island and immerse oneself in an authentic experience.

Shot during the Balinese New Year, this film is an invitation to discover another aspect of this mythical island whose secrets and marvels go far beyond its acclaimed beaches.


From modernity to authenticity

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a very modern city that has become a vital crossroads in Southeast Asia. It has inherited a rich cultural past which integrated many influences from the region while overseeing a quasi-futuristic development and managing to hold on to its distinctive ways of life and its ancestral traditions.

Beyond the post card image, the "City of Angels", as it has been known, has a great deal to offer.


A bewildering mix of civilizations

In Southeast Asia, Burma is celebrated for its legendary beauty. The country is literally divided from North to South by the Irrawaddy river and the plain that borders it abounds with gorgeous landscapes and harbors archeological treasures.

When exploring the Irrawaddy great plain one comes face to face with some of the most stunning marvels left in the world, ranging from the fabulous Bagan temples to mythical Mandalay.


Fairy tales castles and pristine beaches

The Bay of Naples nestles wonderful islands, the best known being the mythical Capri.

With its amazing natural wonders, balmy atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes, it is the essence of the romantic island. The bay also shelters the islands of Ischia and Procida, less visited but equally captivating for the dolce vita enthusiasts. Slightly off the tourists’ path, they offer idyllic villages, fairy tale castles and pristine beaches. A little further away, the island of Ponza is a wild paradise preserved by its remoteness.

A journey for the lovers of beauty.


A British view on France and its inhabitants

Who are the French? Why are they so peculiar? This country seems to relish standing apart for the better or for the worse.

In this series, a very British director digs into the French paradox by taking an offbeat tour of its quirkiest traditions. There will be plenty of action: snail racing, frog jumping, duck plucking and lemon sculpting. Last but not least, we pay homage to cheese and worship at the temple of wine.

Funny. Surprising. Offbeat. Delectable. Outlandish. This is France like you've never seen it before.

Also available as 30x5'


Heavenly islands

Southwest Thailand is full of dreamlike islands. Unfortunately, many of them, like Phuket, have fallen prey to mass tourism and consequently lost some of their luster. However, in the Gulf of the Andaman Sea, one could glimpse small pieces of paradise that have escaped the building frenzy.

We hop from one island to another in search of the perfect place: that spellbinding sand strip where we could feel alone in the world at last.


A different angle

Top extreme sportsmen collaborate with a drone aerial filming team which hone in on their lifestyle and introduces their skills and achievements.


A daredevil's roadbook

Follow some very unusual tourists who travel to the most beautiful locations only to fulfill their passion for the extreme.

They journey to the beaches of Indonesia, the mountains of Chile, the volcanoes of Kamchatka, looking for the ultimate thrill, be it surf, kite, snowboard, BMX, rock climbing and much more.

These EXTREME TRAVELLERS take you to a world full of energy, adrenalin and spectacular landscapes.


The symbol of Italian Renaissance

Florence is the symbol of the Italian Renaissance and one of the most exquisite cities in the world. This jewel of Tuscany owes its unequalled beauty to the colossal fortunes of merchant dynasties, like the Medicis, who hired the services of the greatest artists and geniuses of their time such as Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci.

Since the Middle Ages, Florence has always attracted the very best craftsmen whose know how is today recognised the world over. Beyond the mesmerizing museums and monuments, their talents and skills are the real treasures of the Tuscany capital.

FOR ART’S SAKE [7x45’]

Mixing the old with the new

From the jungles of Borneo and Papua New Guinea, the streets of Indonesia and Thailand, from the age-old Geisha tradition in Japan to bold experiments in Singapore, outstanding people are breaking new grounds and pushing the limits, just FOR ART’S SAKE.


The cradle of the three major monotheistic religions

Jerusalem is the cradle of the three major monotheistic religions. For Judaism, it is the site of the city of David and King Solomon's temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant. For Christianity, this is where Jesus was crucified and later resurrected. For Islam, it is the starting point of the Prophet Mohammed's ascent to heaven.

Every year, the city welcomes more than three million pilgrims who rub shoulders with the 800,000 inhabitants.

For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been a mosaic of cultures at the heart of many issues.


The best kept secret in the Caucasus

Situated at a strategic crossroad between Europe and Asia, Georgia has been invaded by Persians, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and Bolsheviks; but no one has been able to crush the energy and artistic creativity of a people who consider dance and vines the expression of its identity.

Despite this troubled history, the country has been able to protect its heritage and maintain the vibrancy of its unique traditions. It is home to a biodiversity greater than that of some continents and of Homo Georgicus, the first European human known to this day.

The soul of Georgia is both European and western but with a touch of Mediterranean expansiveness. A surprising combination making it a land to discover.


The culinary traditions of the foreign communities settled in Paris

Fred Chesneau, aka the "Globe-Cooker", travels the world in search of new flavors. His credo: discover a country through its cuisine and those who make it.

In this series, Fred dives into a multicultural and unusual Paris through the culinary traditions of 12 foreign communities settled in the capital and proves to us that the world is just around the corner.

It shows how gastronomy is a great means of connection but also of social integration. He strives to bring us into the kitchens of these communities, always putting an emphasis on the people.

Also available as 24x26'


The country of revolution and music

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is a city unlike any others.

From the conquistadors to the revolutionaries, it has been imbued with African and American cultures. The city offers an unforgettable musical journey amidst the beautiful American cars of the 50’s and the masterpieces of colonial architecture of the 30’s. It also allows to walk on the steps of famous Hollywood stars or the ghosts of Al Capone and Hemingway.

But what makes this tropical beauty stand out is the warmth of its people.

HOME [10x24’]

My roots are here

Home. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. Cooking, eating, resting… it is at home that the simple activities of life occur, forming the everyday scenes that, however, differ from place to place.

Homes could be mud huts in the grasslands, bamboo houses over the waters or wooden ones in the mountains. All of them reflect a culture, a people and way of life.

This very unique series unveils the philosophies of living for families from Burma to Japan and the Philippines to Korea.


Welcome into my world

In Brazil, every city has its own atmosphere, style, and charm. You can visit all the landmarks you want but how often are you allowed to enter private homes? Who wouldn’t want to push open some of these closed doors to peek inside and discover firsthand what’s behind the façades?

HOMES OF BRAZIL is your key to these places. This beautifully shot series is a memorable encounter with passionate owners, talented architects, and creative craftsmen.

From modernist houses to colonial mansions, from the favelas to luxurious beach houses, from futurist Rio and Sao Paulo to laidback sea resort Paraty and the legendary Gold Route, this series is a unique mix of travel and architecture.


The wonders of Tahiti and its islands

ICONIC POLYNESIA is a series of short films highlighting practices as well as cultural and tourist sites among the most emblematic of Tahiti and its islands.

Each episode highlights the wonders of Polynesia, with breathtaking images, accompanied by the words of those who bring these places to life.

They share a culture, know-how, and environment that have elicited dreams in many who haven’t had a chance to visit.


A globetrotting movie star

French actor Gérard Depardieu is an experienced globetrotter and a lover of Japan. He even once owned a Japanese grocery store in Paris. In this series, he offers a new way to look at the land of the Rising Sun.

He takes us to 5 different regions to discover their inhabitants, their activities, and above all the ancestral traditions that embody the soul of the country.

From geisha art to Zen temples, including the making of washi paper, the actor meets a people deeply attached to its roots, while leaving room for the unexpected in their inspirations.


The travel diary of a starred chef

This film invites us to discover Japan guided by Guy Martin, a Michelin-starred chef and great ambassador of French gastronomy.

From Tokyo to the southernmost island of the archipelago, Kyushu, he extols the local culinary specialities, the beauty of the landscapes and the richness of Japanese culture.


Time travelling in the middle of the Pacific

Japan is composed of 4 main islands that are a showcase of the future. It is also surrounded by thousands of islets lost in the middle of the sea and frozen in time.

The discovery of 4 of them makes for an exhilarating journey full of natural beauties and spiritual experiences.

Be it a sacred centre or a wild paradise, a tropical heaven or the guardian of traditions, each of these barely known islands holds, in its own peculiar way, a parcel of Japanese identity.


The Golden Week pilgrimage

In Japan, April means spring, cherry trees blossoming and the "Golden Week", when people take that rare vacation and use their free time to go back to their roots.

The Japanese are fascinated with their history and many of them chose to delve into a past dominated by Samurais and Shoguns. During this golden age, the “country of the rising sun” enjoyed an extraordinary cultural and artistic awakening.

This film follows today Japanese to unveil a unique civilization marked by a philosophy, the Zen, and the code of honour of the glorious Samurais.


Drifting on the river of the Kings

The last untamed great river of Western Europe, the Loire is the symbolic partition between Northern and Southern France.

Drifting from where it originates all the way to where it ends in the Atlantic Ocean, is an exhilarating journey through many unexpected landscapes, rich natural environments, and tasty local specialties.

But the Loire is also the river of the kings meandering past the most prestigious castles in France.

LAOS [52’]

The Land of a Million Elephants

Nestled between Thailand, Viet Nam, and China, Laos was a country shrouded in mystery for a very long time, cut off from the outside world.

Today, it is a dream-like destination thanks to a population made up of 130 ethnic groups living harmoniously, as well as stunning nature and landscapes.

Stretched over 1000 km from North to South, the Land of a Million Elephants is the hidden gem of Southeast Asia.


The Land of a Million Elephants

In the shadows of its giant neighbors, Vietnam and Thailand, Laos is one of the best-kept secrets of Southeast Asia. Low key but full of treasures, "the Land of a Million Elephants" offers a multitude of exhilarating experiences from the old-fashioned charm of its capital, Vientiane, to the stunning temples of Luang Prabang, the royal city nestled in the meanders of the Mekong River.

Laos is also a land of mountains and high plateaus and the home to ethnic minorities such as the Hmong who have remained faithful to their ancestral lifestyle.

Exploring Laos is like revisiting an eternal and fantasized Asia of a bygone era.


The ultimate timberland

In Nortwhest Romania, Maramures is certainly one of the most authentic and preserved region of Europe. With half of its territory covered with forests, it is home to a civilisation of wood which is everywhere from churches to houses, from imposing portals to delicate artworks.

In the heart of its deep valleys live uniquely talented craftsmen. Foresters, carpenters and wood carvers populate villages entrenched in traditions. For centuries, life in Maramures has followed the seasons and Mother Nature plays a key role here. Christmas and Easter are cornerstones of the year and their celebrations are rich with folklore.

But slowly, for better and worse, modernity is entrenching. However, this little known region is hanging on its traditions and natural beauty.


Places of conviviality and exchange

On every continent, local markets bring together small producers like farmers, fishermen, breeders.

Whether on a lake in Kashmir, on a river in Vietnam, in the high mountains in Peru or on the seaside in the West Indies, these markets are first of all places of conviviality, warmth and exchange.


Itineraries that made history

Deserted or touristy, recent or ancient, famous or forgotten, some roads are paved with legends.

This series explores itineraries that have made history across five continents, routes that fire the imagination of millions of people in search of adventure and freedom.

Along the way, we meet the people who work on these roads to share personal adventures, enjoy exceptional visits, make unforgettable encounters and experience twists and turns.


The land of infinite spaces

Little-known and strikingly beautiful, Namibia amazes by the vastness and splendor of its endless landscapes. To survive under such a harsh climate, life here had to adapt: a day of wind or an hour of rain is all it takes to change the scenery completely.

From fiery red deserts to legendary animal reserves, from wide open spaces to the desert coast, Namibia is a promised land of untold riches. While its natural heritage is spectacular, the country also has a fascinating cultural mosaic.

This film explores this hidden treasure, still largely untouched by the modern world and which offers visitors pristine and breathtaking environments.


The world most beautiful and unusual vineyards

Over the years, wine culture has emerged almost everywhere and is no longer limited to France or Italy.

Making great wine depends not only on the characteristics of the soil but also on factors such as climate and latitude. Whether in India, New Zealand, or Argentina, winemakers do their utmost in their quest for excellence. Thanks to modern methods and improved irrigation systems, vines can now be grown under the equator or in deserts, which was unthinkable until recent years.

This series takes us to the world's most beautiful and sometimes unusual vineyards to meet enthusiast winemakers and discover their countries.


From Bangkok to Singapore in ultimate luxury

It is one of the most beautiful trains in the world.

The restored interior is decorated with superb teak marquetry and woodwork. The cabins, rather suites, compare favorably to those of the most luxurious palaces. The staff is ready to satisfy every need. A steward is at the disposal of a high-end clientele, 24 hours a day, throughout the duration of the trip. The refined menu is the work of a French chef.

An exceptional journey from Bangkok to Singapore into a world of luxury and comfort through breathtaking landscapes.

PANORAMAS [42x52’]

The beauty of the world

This series is about the history, people and culture of dream destinations.

From mystic Burma to legendary Santorin, from vibrant Havana to sophisticated Tuscany, each episode is a picturesque portrait of a city or a region many of us would love to visit.

PANORAMAS take you on a fulfilling journey made of informative stories and mesmerizing images.


Travelling with a difference

It is no longer acceptable to use the world’s most beautiful locations as playgrounds without paying attention to the local people and their ecosystems. Today, outdoor traveling has to be meaningful and incorporate values of sharing and caring.

PATHFINDERS follows these new travelers whose quest for adventure and open spaces is equal to their respect for the locals.

With them, we discover magical places but also share the daily concerns of their inhabitants. Whether surfing in Peru or cycling downhill Mount Kenya, they are being confronted to the ecological threat facing Lake Titicaca or the terrible droughts hitting southern Kenya.


A world fantasized by novelists, sailors, painters, and adventurers

On the one hand, Tahiti, the largest and best known of the islands of French Polynesia, the gateway to a dream world, fantasized by novelists, sailors, painters, and adventurers.

On the other, the Austral archipelago considered the breadbasket of Polynesia.

The landscape is quite different with few beaches and lagoons and a cooler climate. Even though these islands may seem less attractive at first, they conceal countless secrets and wonders.


The myth of paradise on earth

Polynesia. The name sounds like a sensual and mysterious invitation. Ever since they were discovered by the first explorers, these small islands, gently strewn on the vast Pacific Ocean, have fascinated by their beauty and evoqued the myth of paradise on earth.

Yet, these clichés don’t tell the whole story. Indeed, lying behind the perfect pictures, are a world, a people, a culture and flavors that need uncovering to truly appreciate Polynesia for what it is.

From Tahiti to Moorea and the Tuamotus, with stopovers in Bora Bora and the Marquesas islands, this film takes you to a faraway land.


Look into the past, understand the present, see the future

This series combines proximity and openness: proximity to a community or a place chosen for its uniqueness, and openness to the world through investigations into social issues.

The ambition is to look at the past in order to shed light on the present and to give clues for the future while promoting personalities who are acting on the ground.


The enigma of life

Human beings have always questioned the enigma of their lives, trying to understand a reality that eluded them. Religious and spiritual traditions sprang from this fundamental quest for what we call "the sacred".

This series explores this universal notion through a journey to the four corners of the world, discovering emblematic places and meeting inspiring men and women who powerfully demonstrate their intimate experience of the sacred, like Hubert Reeves, Matthieu Ricard, Guillaume Néry, Jon Kabat-Zinn and many others.


The myth of Atlantis

In Greece, amongst the gorgeous Cycladic islands one stands out for its uniqueness: Santorini.

No mere island, it is in fact a huge volcano which caldera delineates the most splendid bay in the world. Its inhabitants have always lived under the threat of an eruption but, with time, they have learned to tame it.

They have built villages of surreal beauty resting on top of dizzying cliffs. But Santorini also encompasses magnificent beaches made of volcanic sand or antic cities that take you back to the myth of Atlantis.


An eye for design and beauty

Japan is often associated with the notion of excellence, durability, extreme attention to detail, craftsmanship, and tradition.

Every handcrafted product or design combines love and beauty like the famous Kyoto silk, Sabae eyewear, samurai armor, or even mundane frying pans.


A military outpost becomes an artistic center

In 1997, British photographer Chris Stowers spent time on an island in the Mazu Archipelago, located at the southeastern tip of Fujian Province, China.

The islands, with their picturesque villages and quaint customs, were already undergoing dramatic changes at the time, from a military outpost to an artistic center.

How has life changed today for a community that has lived under martial law for years? What does the future hold for these islands in a new world full of uncertainties?

SHIMA RUN [31x24’]

Running across Japan

As more people have started running and urban marathons have been held in various locations, diet and health have been on everyone’s mind.

This series introduces running methods while discovering some of the most scenic Japanese islands.

SPA SEEKERS [10x26’]

Relax in style

With its exquisite taste and dedication to service, Asia has made spas an art form.

So when model and actress Jaymee Ong and her sister Lindsay start a quest to find the best spas in Asia, you know they’re in for a quite a challenge.

This series go to great length, from Indonesia to Maldives and from Thailand to Taiwan, with only one goal in mind: to find and present you the best spas in Asia.


The Indian Ocean paradise

It has been called the "Teardrop of India" or the "Radiant Island". Sri Lanka, the former Ceylon, goes by many names, all of which well deserved.

With its pristine beaches, tea plantations and historical sites, this island located in the Indian Ocean offers a wealth of options to the curious mind.

Even though its 20 million inhabitants have had a tumultuous and tragic recent past, they still happily open the doors to a spectacular country and its often unsuspected cultural and natural treasures.


Asia's winding roads

Today, everything goes fast, including our traveling and visiting. But there is no substitute for discovering a country with a “go slow” approach, journeying at a leisurely pace. And when such an endeavor is undertaken by Nikki Muller, a Swiss-Filipino model, the viewer is in for a beautiful and graceful experience.

Starting in Myanmar all the way down to Vietnam, through 3 more countries known for their rich history and ethnic diversity, she's riding past luscious landscapes, encountering some of the most amazing cultures and people.


The 7 faces archipelago

The Canary archipelago is a popular tourist destination. However, despite the crowds, these islands brutally shaped by Mother Nature have managed to preserve breathtaking landscapes.

The Canary Islands lay on maritime routes opened by Christopher Columbus and are defined by their close cultural ties with South America and their proximity to the North African coast.

Despite its notoriety, this Spanish land remains a well-kept secret while each island offers its share of surprises, with art blending with natural and untamed settings or charming traditional villages overlooking spectacular deserted beaches.


In Guiana, the carnival brings together all ethnic communities for over a month.

From Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, Creoles, Amerindians, Chinese, Brazilians, Haitians, and Metropolitans live to the rhythm of the preparations and parades.

For several weeks, on the pavements of Cayenne, the seafront of Kourou, or in the dance halls, men and women of all origins come together in masked balls that tell, always in music, the chaotic history of their territory.


Growing up while traveling

Carine, Emmanuel, and their little Lou are an unusual family. The parents, who are accomplished athletes, have decided to show their daughter the world from her early years while fulfilling their passion for watersports.

But they aren’t into senseless traveling and are eager to give meaning to each of their journeys by discovering different lifestyles, joining humanitarian missions, or promoting environmental protection.

From Peru to Tuamotu and Papua to Mozambique, this series follows the adventures of a family who takes us to exotic locations and away from the standard touristic routes.


The land of kings

Rajasthan, known as the "Land of Kings", is the largest state in India.

Life for its 68 million inhabitants is still governed by ancestral traditions. Holi, the annual Festival of Colors, is the most famous and is the prism by which we discover the legendary land of the maharajahs.

A journey into timeless India brings a wealth of unforgettable experiences thanks to the splendor and quaint charm of its palaces, its arts and people both as colorful than the festival going on.

THE PATH OF MEN [14x52’]

The many routes of civilizations

This series crosses geographical, historical, cultural and sociological discoveries with mythical roads cleared by adventurers or mapped over time by civilizations, explorers, conquering states, itinerant merchants.

It puts into perspective the development of civilizations over several hundred years and reflects on the evolution of nature and humanity throughout the world.

We follow the great trajectories forged by man driven by geology, raw material or green wealth.


A mosaic of cultures

Rehahn is a photographer. A few years ago, during his first visit to Vietnam, he was captivated by the country.

Today, he has settled in Hoi An, a quaint small town on the coast, and has opened a gallery where all his work is collected. He has made the diversity of traditional costumes his favorite subject.

In this film, Rehahn takes us on a journey to discover the remote ethnic groups of northern Vietnam.


Garden of Eden

The Seychelles are like a collection of postcards. This Garden of Eden, spread over dozens of islands, is the quintessence of a gentle way of life, harmony, and beauty.

Here, Nature reigns supreme. With its sumptuous underwater ecosystems, bird sanctuaries, and renowned nature reserves, the Seychelles is a model of environmental preservation.

Beyond the turquoise lagoons and the glaring light of the Indian Ocean, is a people eager to share their rich and colorful Creole heritage.


The original American dream

This series takes us to an America of wide-open spaces, lush forests, arid deserts, craggy peaks, and endless plains.

A wild country populated by characters with a taste for solitude and conquest. They are adventurers who have decided to live surrounded by spectacular nature, one not damaged by man.

Four destinations allow us to experience the original American dream: Wyoming, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Oregon.


A unique perspective on the world

This series offers a new look at our planet, that of Sophie Massieu, a journalist blind from birth, and her dog Pongo.

Obviously, Sophie cannot judge people by their appearance, but she is more attuned to their psychology and way of life. This difference gives rise to touching and surprising encounters thanks, in no small part, to the presence of her Dalmatian, particularly well-trained to accompany a blind person.

Together, they offer us a unique perspective on the world and its sumptuous landscapes.


Razed, burned, bombed yet still vibrant

Tokyo is the city of superlatives. This ultramodern and vibrant city is one of the most densely populated in the world. It is also a beacon to performance and dynamism with its sea of skyscrapers, gigantic parks, huge shopping centers, blinding neons and artificial islands. But for all its modernism the city still has a fascinating cultural heritage.

Upon visiting it today, it is hard to imagine that it was completely destroyed several times in history by earthquakes, fires and WW2 bombings. Yet, after each disaster, Tokyo has managed to reawaken from its ashes, ever more energetic and conquering.

Welcome to the phoenix city.

TOURISM IN IRAN [52’] or [36’]

Archeological treasures and magnificent landscapes

From Isfahan to Persepolis and from Teheran to Shiraz, archeological treasures and magnificent landscapes attract an increasing number of tourists.

It’s a windfall for tour operators and the country's economy, which has been suffering under a commercial embargo for years.

Also available as a 36'


The feel-good series

Traveling means something different for everyone, but this series is a definite must-see for those who favor being pampered in idyllic locations, having their desires met and their senses fulfilled.

First, you’ll be taken to an exclusive location a hotel/spa located in exceptional surroundings, a region with a wealth of traditions to witness and gorgeous natural beauties to admire. Then, it’s time to titillate your palate with authentic delicious meals which can also be candy for the eyes.

From a recipe to a massage, from a boutique hotel to an enchanting visit, this series is your ticket to a world of wellness, beauty, and harmony.


The ultimate purpose is to find the place where we feel most at home

A Spaniard, a Swiss- Italian and a Japanese decide to change their lives and move to the tropical islands of the Philippines.

These three stories are full of lessons: that the ultimate purpose for each of us is to find the place where we feel most at home; that surprising and enriching new encounters are around the corner; that we can choose our life and ignore the dictates of society.

This series shows that home is not limited to where we grew up, nor is it a function of where we come from.


The powerful women of Ryukyu Islands

In the Ryukyu Islands, some women are seen as having great spiritual power.

They are highly respected, sometimes even feared, since in Japanese culture they are invested with supernatural powers. They are chosen from childhood among the most sensitive young girls.

This film offers a unique immersion into the world of these animist priestesses.


A region epitomasing beauty and history

Tuscany is most certainly the area which stands out in Italy as the definition of beauty, culture and history.

Nestled between the Mediterranean and the mountains, Tuscany offers a wide range of incredible landscapes, magnificent cities and preserved medieval villages. From Sienna to Pisa, from the island of Elba to the Chianti vineyards or the spectacular marble quarries of Carrera, the Tuscans have always stayed in touch with their traditions inherited from a glorious and prosperous past.

Welcome to La Bella Italia.


A tour of Japanese creative architecture

This series introduces one-of-a-kind houses in Japan built or designed by families or individuals living in it.

The houses feature exclusive designs and functions while still matching unique environments and location constraints.

This is a tour of Japanese creative architecture.

UNIQUE SPA [12x22’]

Access restricted

Japan is the land of hot springs and this series focuses on spas that are definitely not ordinary, like no changing rooms, or you have to clear the shrub, even having to build your own tub.

With these spas, access might be difficult but then the greater the joy of the soak where all aches and pains are washed away.

UP! ON THE ROOFS OF... [5x52’]

An unknown and inaccessible world

Unlike boulevards and monuments, the rooftops of cities are an unknown world, inaccessible to most of its inhabitants and tourists.

However, a few privileged have made these secret gardens part of their daily lives.

WIND QUEST [22x52’]

Marrying travel and scientific study

Arthur de Kersauson and Antoine Auriol go around the world to meet singular winds to which men have often given names.

Each episode is a journey and a challenge because the wind does not always blow where you expect it. But when it does, everything comes alive.

At once a scientific study and a breath of fresh air, this series is an experience with winds that have their own identities and strongly impact people's lives.


A testament to the incredible richness of human cultures

In a few decades, our planet has gone through more dramatic changes than at any time in human history. Globalization is here and economic as well as technological progress lead to standardization all around the world. Yet cultural differences and diversity are still there to surprise and sometimes enchant the traveler.

The purpose of this collection is to witness lifestyles, age-old traditions or historical realities before they vanish in front of modernity.

These films are a testament to the incredible richness of human cultures around the world.


Sea, sand, dreams and reality

Copacabana. Saint-Tropez. Goa. Phuket.

The mere mention of these names brings up images of sun, holidays and a complete change of surroundings. In the public consciousness, these famous beaches have come to symbolize dream destinations everyone wish to visit one day.

Through the experiences of the people who stroll these very places (locals, surfers, tourists, vendors…), this series explores how these famous destinations have won fame and adulation throughout the world, to the point of becoming stars in their own right


The inaccessible heights of the City of Lights

Between zinc and sky is an unexplored dimension of the French capital. The roofs conceal one of the most typical faces of Paris, a chaotic horizon sculpted by architectural trends over the centuries.

Some people break the law by roaming the city heights, while others enjoy the magnificent views, relax in hidden gardens, or bathe in private swimming pools.

These encounters lead to a reflection on life in an urban environment. The rooftops could answer the lack of space, fresh air, horizon, and conviviality with a few changes.