A 2-year journey from misery to disenchantment

Format: HD
Duration: 52 ’
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Available versions: French | English
Rights: All Rights / Worldwide except Europe French speaking countries, Germany and the Middle East


2013. Five young Afghans decide to take a shot at a better life and migrate to Europe, more specifically Paris their dream destination. Then begins a two-year 12,000 kms long journey, across six borders and full of first times: the ocean, girls in mini-skirts, bars, skyscrapers… What they only saw on TV is suddenly becoming real.

It will be 2 years of hope and misery, successes and failures but always in clandestinity. In the end, only two of them reach Europe while the others are sent back to their Afghan fate. However, for all begins a time of disenchantment.

MIGRANTS is a striking documentary putting faces on the human tragedy currently submerging Europe.