Format: SD 16/9
Duration: 52 ’
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Available version: English
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What are the origins of this multisports international meeting? What are the links between today’s sporting events and those practiced by the ancient Greeks? To pass through the underground arcades leading to the stadium of Olympia, is like entering another era where strides, music and crowd encouragements resonate!

Developed around an ancient site of worship, the sanctuary of Olympia beamed throughout the ancient world for its religious prestige and its famous competitions. 180 years of archaeological dig have allowed to know the place better and to propose graphic reconstructions of its dedicated spaces for deities and sports. Browsing at bird and man hight, this this documentary invites to a visual and audible discovery of this fascinating site that vibrated every four years during the famous Olympic Games. By mixing archeology, reenactment scenes, CGI of ancient monuments and very high speed images (Phantom Flex camera), let’s take a ticket to attend the games!