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In Picasso’s extraordinary career, his Blue and Pink Periods rarely enjoy the consideration they deserve. Summed up as his work between 1901 and 1907 and overshadowed by his great Cubist paintings, those times are all too often merely touched upon and simplified, and seldom examined according to their merits. Yet they hold the seeds of all his future work: it was at this point that Picasso turned his back on his father’s teaching, escaped the academic constraints of the Fine Arts and frantically tried out every technique, approach and influence to find his own path.

This documentary looks back at the painter’s successive metamorphoses, shaped by a battle between his insatiable thirst for life and his intrusive, darker thoughts. In his early years, Picasso’s works were like a reflection of his moods, a private world shared by his friend Jaime Sabartés, who described it in a collection of memoirs.