A poetic journey to the origins of Brazil

Format: 4K
Duration: 52 ’
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Available version: French
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Menelaw Sete, the "Brazilian Picasso", dreamed of a time when his country was a paradise, populated by people living in communion with nature. The arrival of greedy men from far away turned everything upside down. He saw the red from the blood they shed and the black of the men torn from Africa. He saw Anahi, a young Indian girl, and Mountaga Bayo, an enslaved African prince. Their paths eventually crossed and they fell in love.

In this film, Menelaw walks in their footsteps, from the shores of the Bay of All Saints to the forests of Bahia and, through his painting, tells this improbable encounter, the legend of the birth of his country.

Between past and present, Brazil's oldest colonial settlement reveals the secrets of its history.