A man and the eccentric women in his life

An episode from the series ON NIGHTS WHEN I WANT TO END IT ALL…

Format: HD
Duration: 30 ’
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Available versions: Japanese | English (subtitles)
Rights: Inflights | Worldwide


While in high school, Hiroshi is secretly asked by the cutest girl, Yamamura, to join her on the building rooftop. With a glimmer of hope, he nervously heads up to find her waiting for him. From that day on, Yamamura and Hiroshi’s strange daily ritual begins.

Now an adult, Hiroshi looks forward to joining a chat room dedicated to music. The main attraction for him is a girl by the name of Asuka. He is so smitten that he downloads every song she recommends. As they talk, they decide to meet and that will determine Hiroshi’s fate.