Gérard Depardieu’s Europe

Format: HD
Duration: 10x52’
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Available versions: English | French
Rights: China and Thailand + Inflight Rights


Gérard Depardieu is one of France greatest actors. His lifelong passions are cinema, cuisine and encounters. BON APPETIT is a unique TV show where Depardieu journeys to different European regions (Tuscany, Sicilia, Bavaria, Brittany, Scotland, Spain...) looking for famous local specialties.

In each episode, he invites one of his movie pal (Roberto Benigni, Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Sean Connery...) to follow him in his ultimate culinary quest to discover the freshest oyster, the best-matured cheese, wild salmon, tender beef or wine from a small grower.

This is a series about the finest food, splendid regions and pleasures in life.