A journalist's dream assignment

An episode from the series WINE, DINE AND WOO ME

Format: HD
Duration: 30 ’
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Available versions: Japanese | English (subtitles)
Rights: Inflight Rights | Worldwide


Masataka Teshigawara is a contractor who works at a major construction company. He chooses a snapping turtle hot pot restaurant in Mukoujima.

From the start, Masataka can’t stop talking about his mom and Megumi is completely turned off. Whether he’s just too much of a nerd or just clueless, Masataka holds nothing back as he cross-examines Megumi on the reasons why she doesn’t have a boyfriend or isn’t popular with guys.

As she listens to him, Megumi can’t help but be reminded of Adeko’s horoscope for the week: “you will feel a strong urge to kill this week”.