Planes crashed. Ship sank. Tanks got stuck.

Format: HD
Duration: 4x52’
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Available version: English
Rights: All Rights | Southeast Asia
Director: Serge Tignères
Production: INA


Between September 1939 and May 1945, thousands of fighter planes, bombers, boats, and tanks were lost during operations. Some crashed in deserts and fields, others at sea or into marshes. Ships sank with their cargo and sailors. Tanks got stuck in bogs or were buried to fill in shell holes.

They all remained wherever they went down until now and they have stories to tell.

This series visits all these hidden wrecks, brings them back to the surface, and tells what happened during that tragic day. With a mix of archives, re-enactments, VFX, and experts’ interviews, the epic stories of these battle machines offer a unique perspective on WWII.