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Fascinating and forbidding

Volcanoes are giant mountains of ash and lava which are as fascinating as they are forbidding.

Two intrepid cousins take us on a discovery of the planet's most beautiful, awesome volcanoes.

On a journey mixing adventure, history, science and ancient beliefs, our daredevil hosts share their experiences, interview experts, and take us as close as possible to these fiery forces of nature.


Survival strategies

In the African savannah, life is a succession of challenges that must be overcome if one wants to see the next day. Growing up, finding food, moving around, breeding, all these vital needs require coming up with survival strategies that can be perilous.

Through the fate of various animals, the whole theatre of life is revealed with its constant struggles punctuated by brief moments of respite.


The vehicles of tomorrow tested under extreme conditions

If you own a car, it has been most likely heavily tested in Swedish Lapland, more precisely in Arjeplog.

Unknown to the public, this small town of 2,000 inhabitants, located 50 km north of the Arctic Circle, is the world capital of the automobile industry in winter.

It is a secret location where the biggest manufacturers torment the vehicles of tomorrow under extreme conditions.

FLAVORS [96x52’]

Sublime escapes

Discover the magic and beauty of some of the world’s most enchanting destinations, including their natural wonders, outstanding monuments, crafts, and breathtaking landscapes.

This series is an invitation to travel to the heart of the traditions and peculiarities of the world’s most celebrated countries.


Bringing to life a million-year-old skeleton

Over a million years old, the Durfort mammoth is the icon of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and one of the biggest skeletons in the world.

Fragilized by time, this giant fossil needed urgent care and had to be disassembled and reassembled for a complete restoration, a World Premiere, which we follow step by step. This tricky operation is also an opportunity to learn more about the animal.

Through incredible CGI and thanks to all the knowledge collected by the Museum, this film brings this fascinating yet little-known giant back to life.

Also available as a 90mns


The taste of Nature

Nature has provided humanity with edible plants that offer infinite tastes and sensations. Over the centuries, with patience and passion, Man has developed the know-how to transform them into exceptional food.

From tea to chocolate, rice, olive oil, or honey, this series offers a culinary exploration of the world to meet these men and women who have learned to magnify these gifts of Nature.


The great troublemaker of the Mediterranean

The Callinectes sapidus has a blue carapace ringed with slightly orange spines and pincers powerful enough to break oysters.

This crab of American origin is now spreading all over the Mediterranean, ravaging the local crustacean and mollusk population and affecting the fish stocks.

From France to Sicily and from Tunisia to Catalunya, this invader has dramatically disturbed the local ecosystems with sometimes surprising consequences.


A winning survival strategy

It is a small country, barely the size of an American state, with 25 million inhabitants and an insignificant economy.

Yet, North Korea has become a nuclear military power to reckon with, and its ruling family has been incredibly successful at keeping a grip on the country when other dictatorships have vanished long ago.

Their favorite tools are to terrorize the population and blackmail the world. This is how one ensures the survival of the first communist dynasty in History—an ongoing winning strategy.

Also available as 90mns


A window into nature’s evolution

Because it is susceptible to the consequences of global warming, the Mediterranean Sea has recently become the focus of scientific attention.

What do we know about the mechanisms that regulate its ecosystems and biodiversity?

This series focuses on three areas where animal and plant species have adapted in surprising and unprecedented ways, giving researchers a window into nature’s evolution.


Nature and fauna both unique and fragile

In Southern Africa, Namibia stretches its wild coastline for over 1000 kilometers and contains vast and beautiful arid desert areas.

Stubbornly, life always finds its way, and against all odds, these austere conditions have not discouraged wildlife from thriving.

With its stunningly beautiful images, this film reveals the glorious spectacle of nature and fauna, both unique and fragile.

# FRENCH VERSION [170x26’]

The French art-de-vivre

Fashion, design, gastronomy, the art of living...

In each episode, a guest and reports shine a light on France and its young creators as well as on swanky and trendy places.


A financial powerhouse and prey for the cartels

In Mexico City, the Abastos market is the largest fresh produce market in the world. Its 150,000 employees work there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The market is the country’s second-largest financial center behind the stock exchange, and as a result, it attracts great interest. Not least that of Mexico’s most violent gang, the Jalisco cartel, which is said to have made its way to the top management.


A sense of belonging

No matter how big, or small, every member of the animal kingdom has a family.

Covering all continents on the planet and featuring animal species from the largest land mammals to the tiniest sea creatures, this series answers questions like: What are the ties that bind? What creates a dynasty? What makes these groups of animals amazing?

Often incredible, at times breathtaking, discover what it means to be part of amazing animal families.


A vibrant place

Dark and boundless, the Amazon appears to have been deserted by mankind since the beginning of time.

However, scientists have been experimenting with unprecedented approaches to archeology for almost a decade and are now accumulating discoveries. What did the pre-Columbian Amazon really look like?

Following the work of scientists and archaeologists, this film reveals a thriving Amazonia populated by interconnected towns and villages, where men mastered the tropical ecosystem.

ART FILES [34x26’]

From conception to fame

This series tells the story of great works of art exhibited in major museums to understand better what made them famous.

Each episode follows the journey of a painting or sculpture from its genesis to the moment it becomes prominent.

It unveils the creative process behind these works and their often tumultuous destinies. Indeed, some were stolen or looted, others vanished then reappeared, and others still were objects of scandals and despised to be finally acclaimed as masterpieces.


How far will technology go to improve our living conditions?

From the USA to Asia, labs use science and technologies to radically change human beings and to create robots that seem alive.

BABY STEPS [3x52’]

A world of firsts

A one-year immersion with three exceptional baby animals and their breeders, from their births to their first steps and their first life-changing experiences.

This mini-series follows a turquoise-eyed lemur upon which the survival of its species depends, a foal for whom the stage will become a real playground, and a puppy destined to become a sheepdog.


Life changing cosmetic surgery in world-class accommodations

In Thailand, leading surgeons perform plastic surgery operations in world-class hospitals, and patients are pampered in luxurious five-star hotels.

In this series, we follow people determined to change their lives, taking all sorts of options.

These operations, long out of reach for the global masses, are now no longer the preserve of the rich and famous.


The science powering "smart algorithms" in question

Everything seems possible thanks to AI, but at what cost?

Though technology is a powerful driving force for our society’s development, critics within the scientific community are expressing doubts.

Deep learning multilayers form opaque, flawed systems that reproduce stereotypes. It is now an emergency to delve into the science behind the "smart algorithms" to understand better how machines come to their results.


Singapore hawkers

Real-life trials and tribulations of famous Singapore hawkers, sharing about their culture and journey from past to present day while paying homage to the comforting food they make daily.


A mindfulness adventure

The quality of our health and well-being determines the quality of our lives.

But what is proper health? How to achieve it? Can it be a source of inspiration and achievements?

In this season premiere, we meet the Fuel to Flourish Fellowship and join them in their mindfulness adventure through the island of Puerto Galera in the Philippines.


The mystery of the standing stones

In Brittany, France, the multitude of menhirs continues to confound archaeologists.

In the Neolithic period, why did men erect these gigantic funerary monuments to the glory of dignitaries who might have been as powerful as the Pharaohs?

Experts try to reveal the mysteries that still shroud these sites and this unique society that shone and disappeared suddenly.


Enhancing our perception of the universe

Since the beginning of time, Man has constantly been pushing the boundaries of his world. From 16th-century explorers to 20th-century astronomers, they have sailed across celestial waters, taking their dizzying chart-making skills to new heights.

At the forefront of technology, they have used increasingly powerful and spectacular telescopes to push our knowledge ever further.

From Hawaii to Australia via South Africa and China, this film embarks on an incredible human and scientific adventure to the greatest exploration sites on the planet to enhance our perception of the universe.


Deciphering serial killers

Serial killers strike without mercy or remorse. What makes them tick? What drives them to kill?

A no-nonsense former US Police captain alongside a renowned British forensic psychologist re-examine the case files to some of the world’s most infamous serial killers. Our psychologist analyses their twisted minds, while our tough-as-nails cop offers insight into the men and women who hunt them down.

Together, they give us a new understanding of what causes certain dark souls to kill in the cruelest ways.


The woman behind the screen

This 3-parts film, the fruit of 10 years of research, unravels the myth of Marilyn in an original way, using psychologists to understand her deepest motivations.

Marilyn was determined to succeed at all costs, even at the risk of her own life, to compensate for her parents’ rejection. She received decisive help from the world of organized crime, with whom she maintained complicated relations. She could also count on many mentors: agents, coaches, and producers.

Also available as a 120mns


A space adventure

A space adventure that uncovers the risks of the hunt for life and the sterilization of the objects that we send into space.

Discover how man can destroy his own research and stumble upon the traces that we ourselves have left.


Events that shaped the countries of the Mediterranean

This series looks back at the historical events that shaped the Mediterranean countries in the 20th century through the deeds of emblematic characters.

Rare archival footage combined with in-depth historical analysis shed new light on the leaders, conflicts, and revolutions that have shaken the Mediterranean basin in the not-so-distant past.


A gay haven

Fire Island is a tiny island just over 2 hours from New York. It is a place of privacy, protected from prying eyes, and a haven for the LGBT community.

In the summer, it is an island of contrasts, with partygoers running amok and the temperature rising quickly in pick-up areas.

But Fire Island can’t be summarized as a place of unbridled sexuality. A red-hot real estate market has attracted millionaires from the community who gather every year to raise funding for the LGBT cause at a time when no right can be taken for granted.


Unnecessary civilian casualties

After 4 years of Nazi occupation, the French welcomed the liberation by the Allied forces. Immediately afterward, they focused entirely on the reconstruction of the country, occulting the dark years of the war.

But as time went by, and thanks to historical research, questions began to emerge. Indeed, French cities were heavily bombed by Allied aviation, but was the sacrifice of the civilian population necessary? Were there strategic mistakes, and why were they not acknowledged?

Through the tragic destiny of 3 cities (Le Havre, Royan, and Rouen), this collection opens a dark and still little-known page of WWII.

GAIALAND [4x52’]

Another world is possible

In the 80's, a group of young idealists, sensing an ecological catastrophe to come, wanted to show that another world was possible.

Guided by a mysterious Amerindian shaman, they lived in teepees in the middle of buildings. Suspected by their families and the press of being manipulated, they started a long ecological march through Europe, which ended in Finland after 10 years of wandering.

GAWAI ANTU 72’ or 52’

The festival of ghosts

In Borneo, an ancient tribal community works to retain its identity and traditions by calling back the dead, thereby reasserting the orderly relationship between their world and the surrounding jungle.

Known as Gawai Antu, “the festival of the ghosts”, this ritual is so complex and powerful that most will experience it only once in a lifetime.

Also available as a 52mns


Breakthroughs that shape the world and its future

Driven by interviews with experts and stunning images from around the world, this series offers an unprecedented overview of the most incredible breakthroughs that shape the world and its future in 6 cutting-edge scientific fields: technology, space, medicine, environment, green technologies, and artificial intelligence.

While clearly about science, it is above all about us.


Talent, elegance, and political commitment have made Gregory Peck one of the most respected actors of his generation.

But the beginning of his career was anything but easy. Penniless in New York, he finally managed to break through on Broadway but no longer believed in his chances to do movies. A few months later, he shot his first film in Hollywood and went on to work with Alfred Hitchcock and Elia Kazan.

This film reveals the man behind the actor, the failure of his first marriage, his supposed affair with Ingrid Bergman, his complicity with Audrey Hepburn, and his passion for a French journalist who became his second wife, not to mention the tragic death of his son, Jonathan, who committed suicide.


Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport

With 66 million passengers each year, Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport is Europe’s second-largest and busiest hub.

A record pace of one plane every 30 seconds landing or taking off would be an impossible feat without the help of the best cutting-edge technology: runway lights, navigational system, 50-ton tractors that push and pull aircraft from gate to landing strip, and state-of-the-art scanners that screen over 1,200 bags per minute.

IN THE SKIN OF [3x52’]

In animals' shoes

This series embarks, in an unprecedented way, in the skin of the animals that share our existence.

In each episode, we see the world as they perceive it, like the encounters, animals, or humans that punctuate their days.

Thanks to onboard cameras, we become privileged witnesses of the hectic life of animals.


What lies beneath our feet

In his epic novel, Jules Verne sent his characters to the Centre of the Earth, having them going from discovery to discovery in a scientific fantasy that has intrigued generations of scientists.

But what is the reality behind Jules Verne's tales? What do we know about the center of the earth? Has science managed to undertake the same journey imagined by the writer?

Also available as a 90mns


Reviled by the critics, crowned by the public

Louis de Funès was acclaimed by the public but reviled by the critics. He finally achieved success at the age of 41.

His 144 films in his 35-year career made him a record holder in cinema admissions and television audiences.

Louis de Funès died in 1983, but his incredible comic talent has not aged a day, and his detractors have made their mea culpa to the spiritual father of French comedy.

MAN 2.0 R-EVOLUTION [6x52’]

The growing role of science in shaping human life

Genetic mapping allows us to "repair" our defective parts and "improve" our genes; for the first time in history, humankind has the knowledge and the tools to intervene directly in its evolutionary process.

We meet the world's most prominent scientists, anthropologists, and futurologists to explore the state of the art of the human species.


One of the most important Islamic archaeological sites

Nicknamed the "Versailles of Andalusia", Medina Azahara is today one of the most important Islamic archaeological sites.

Recognized as World Heritage of Humanity, this unique caliphal city, built four centuries before the Alhambra, is the object of a new excavation campaign led by a team of international researchers.


Places of worship

This series is about the stadiums of Europe that host hundreds of millions of spectators, their enthusiasm, and their songs, year after year.

Behind these megastructures are challenges and secrets that make them symbolic.


The wisdom of the Maori people

The Polynesian people, especially the Maori, have long realized that the moon influences the tides, which in turn affect fishing.

Nore Martin, who has been mentored by elders of his tribe, takes us on an entertaining and informative journey around some of the most beautiful and remote spots of New Zealand to test this rule.

The clue is that the best days occur from 6 to 9 days after the full moon when the weather is perfect and the big fish come biting.


The many skills of the legionnaires

All throughout the Gallic Wars, Caesar’s army drew on the power of its military genius to defeat the Gauls.

Once the territories were conquered, the technical skill of the Roman legionnaires was used to build monumental infrastructures like the impressive stone forts that served to protect the borders of the empire.

As an instrument of land conquest and territorial planning, the legion was Rome’s most precious asset.


Exceptional destinies

These high-budget biographies have been primetime ratings winners on French TV for many years.

This collection unveils the great mysteries of the past by evoking outstanding destinies.

Filmed in exceptional locations from Versailles to the Vatican and skillfully contextualized by a star presenter, each episode retraces the life of an emblematic historical character and highlights remarkable heritage sites.


The story behind major maritime disasters

From the Philippines to Scotland, this series aims to bring submerged bits of history up from the depths of the ocean floor.

We set off on exciting adventures of underwater expeditions as we hunt for the vestiges that shed light on major maritime disasters.

Blending 3D graphics, exclusive stock footage, and key contributions by survivors and historians, this series navigates between land and sea to chronicle the history of the world through the stories of its forgotten shipwrecks.


Love among the zombies

Six men and women who have survived a zombie virus pandemic in Japan are holding up in a shopping mall.

Problems abound, given their limited supplies. Nevertheless, love blossoms simply from living together.

What will it take to survive, and who will stick with who?


An emblem of the power of a bygone empire

All roads lead to Rome, or more precisely, to its most iconic landmark: the Colosseum.

Built under Emperor Vespasian in the 1st century CE, this magnificent monument, spanning two thousand years of history, is an emblem of the power of a bygone empire.

With over seven million visitors a year, its massive structure and awesome architecture testify to the genius of ancient Roman building techniques, earning it a place not only among UNESCO’s world heritage sites, but as one of the new seven wonders of the world.


A vigilante father

Since Shigeki’s wife passed away, he has raised his daughter, Ema, a 17-year-old high school student, alone. One night, she does not return from her part-time job. The police discovers her lifeless body with plenty of evidence of the violence she suffered.

A couple of days later, Shigeki receives an anonymous phone call revealing the name and address of Ema’s killer. There, he discovers pictures and videos showing his daughter’s brutal ordeal at the hands of a couple of young teenagers. Because of their age, Shigeki knows that justice will never be served. So, when he faces one of them, he loses it and kills him, then goes hunting for the accomplice.

Adapted from the work of the master of detective novels, Keigo Higashino, this dark thriller questions parents facing the brutal loss of a child and the social acceptance of revenge as a mode of justice.


Disasters in the chain affect Man

On Earth, all animal and plant species are closely associated.

Each living being is an essential link in the balance of ecosystems. But each year, dozens of species disappear due to human activities, and what causes disasters in the chain will ultimately affect Man.

What happens when a link in the chain goes missing? And what could the world of tomorrow look like if we don’t protect biodiversity better?


The city of the funereal divinity of Memphis

On the left bank of the Nile rests the country's most ancient and vast necropolis, Saqqara.

The city of the funereal divinity of Memphis and one of the capitals of Ancient Egypt is also the home to one of the first women who guided the country.

An expedition that explores the secrets of the forbidden Saqqara.


A very powerful woman

A feminine figure has recently emerged in the Kim dynasty: Kim Yo-jong, the little sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Initially, her softer approach and modernity have charmed the foreign media. But quickly, the grim reality emerged. Kim Yo-jong is indeed a clan member who is pursuing the survival of her dynasty.

This compelling portrait of Kim Yo-jong offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the ruthless brutality of the North Korean dictatorship.


Settling in paradise

A Spaniard, a Swiss-Italian, and a Japanese decided to change their lives and move to the tropical islands of the Philippines.

These three stories are full of lessons: that the ultimate purpose for each of us is to find the place where we feel most at home; that surprising and enriching new encounters are around the corner; that we can choose our life and ignore the dictates of society.

This series shows that home is not defined by where we grew up or by where we come from.


From birth to the last battle

The warriors are the darkest and most heroic part of many ancient civilizations.

Each episode reveals their ethos, beliefs, values, and religion.

Their training and obedience to their masters are what define these warriors from birth till their last battle.